I will double your new B2B sales

Proactive Guarantee*: Minimum 110% Assured RoI, with written & easily enforceable guarantee contract.

*Proactive = Every 30 Days, We will follow up with you via phone & email to see where you are getting stuck & help

No devil in these details:
1. Scope: From LeadGen, Positioning, Pricing to Revenue Realization, etc (Whatever it takes)
2. To guarantee revenue, We can manage only 8 lovely client partners each year.
3. One-time Fees: ₹9.97 Lakhs/Quarter for 3 Quarters (or $39K/₹29.97 Lakhs one time)

Akshat Kharbanda, Your partner in crime & CEO BizAmps Agency, Founder of The Leaders of Change

Why consider this model?

A typical B2B agency (like BizAmps) sells you a lead/ meeting at 4x cost (A $100 lead is Sold at ~$400) + most agencies need a no-guarantee retainer of around $1K to $3K/month to cover their costs.

Sample 1: $1K Retainer + $150 to $500 per meeting done (based on geography)
Sample 2: $2.5K flat retainer, You get 3~8 meetings/ month (similar effective rate)

Of course, no guarantee of revenue. Oops!?

With us, We will perfect a sales & lead gen engine inside your company & destroy the agency’s information advantage, so you save/make $300 with each meeting, each month for years to come!

Your Problems:

Side A. Your competitors are companies who have war-chest, vast sales teams, and deep pockets to spend on marketing.

Side B. You are competing against nimble marketing agencies that have information and expertise advantage.

Your 3 Ideas

You try to solve your problem by trying out these 3 ideas

Idea 1

You try to set bigger targets and do more outreach & calls

Idea 2

“I need intelligent salespeople on a tight budget”

Idea 3

“Let me find a person/ agency to do Lead generation”

How we 2x your new client revenue:

Level 1: Finding A-Players, instantly

What I figured out while running BizAmps:

Lead Gen isn’t a role, It’s three roles

Many companies think, let me hire a person to ‘generate leads’, whereas the person who writes cold emails isn’t good at cold calling & vice versa because some people are extroverted vs introverted.

Nail the hire in 1 go, everytime

You hire the person based on their C.V, experience, and interviews.
We don’t do either, but we have a 2 step process to hire the best within 7 days and onboard within 14 days.

You will get 100s of applicants, easily

You need to understand how a candidate searches and what he/she looks for in a job (other than salary) before applying. Once we got 1000+ applicants

When did your team upskill last?

I personally never found the time to train and assess each team member’s capability for 3 years, until I figured out how to automate all of that and get updates on my Whatsapp.
I will give everything to you!

Level 2: The Secret Process

We scaled it at BizAmps

Hijacking algorithms & mental biases

Not-so-common Industry secret, of converting things from zero to hero.

Make Freshers sound like Ivy-league experts

You won’t be able to hire geniuses. But you can get freshers to mimic geniuses online.

Complex cadences as competitive advantage

If you have 10 steps psychology-based deep touch sales sequence that requires intelligent people to execute, You will beat competitors with 3 step direct response approaches (when targeting the same market)

Autopilot to skyrocket efficiency

We put 80% of processes & cadences on autopilot because the things get done by multiple people who don’t even talk to each other but on the same leads/ contacts/ sales and get the things accomplished. I will give everything to you!

Level 3: The Game of Selling

Move away from being a ‘low-cost provider’

Most Salespeople are just order-takers

Most Salespeople I meet, can’t generate demand for the product even after the prospect has shown interest in their offering.
Their primary way to sell is to ‘sell by price’

Pick up hints using Technology

Most Prospects drop hints when they are ‘in-market’ to make a decision, We need to train our salespeople on ‘How to identify triggers’ using 1st party Intent Data, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc

Nurtured lead is a future closed deal

A cold lead to a closed sale in 3-6 months is a rare event, It happens occasionally but most leads will convert after 6-12 months of being introduced to your offering. Nurturing them will raise the probability exponentially.
We will setup lifelong free nurturing systems in place.

Tracking Sales

From Google sheets to Hubspot to complex Zoho workflows implementations, we have done it all.

Level 4: Strategic Bets

Taking on Goliaths

How can you 2x clients in 6 months with 60 hours of effort?

Hint: Partnerships, Affiliations, Integrations, etc
Partnerships never seem like they are for us or they can work with our type of business. Want to bet?

Services & Products are bought differently.

Services providers need to show expertise & remove the risk.
Product companies need to demonstrate the ‘aha’ moment & guarantee success.
I work with you to remove everyone’s risk & guarantee success.

Double your Prices to Double your Sales

We give examples of iPhones & Apple but turn ourselves into Chinese ‘value’ brands aka low-cost providers.
How will you get the money to invest in R&D & Innovation?

Offer – Market fit development

Slights tweaks to your offer can increase your value (aka prices) and demand (aka conversion rate).
We Interview your prospects to understand what will they pay for? today!


I (Akshat Kharbanda) will keep working with you UNTIL we recover all the money you paid me and all other sales & marketing costs you incurred because of me.
You don’t even need to follow up, You can ask your sales or marketing team to keep working with Akshat & BizAmps

  • More Backup Guarantees
    (until we achieve our goals)
  • 4 Free Podcast Interviews on TheLeadersOfChange
  • Quality Assurance & Consulting Services
  • Membership of TheLeadersOfChange Media Assets & Council
  • Access to BizAmps R&D & All-New Training Classrooms
  • Much more etc

9 Months Intensive

$ 39,999 .00

Fees: ₹29.97L One-time
or ₹9.97 Lakhs/Quarter for 3 Quarters

  • Double your sales
  • Increase your prices
  • 1-on-1 Done with you
I only have 4 slots available