Access to BizAmps Brains

Want someone to help you out in revenue generation strategy and lead generation, etc?

Want access to 50 years of combined lead generation experience of the BizAmps team?

  • 1-on-1 Voice Call Session (including Akshat)
  • Get feedback on your content, creatives, and campaigns
  • Send Screenshots with your question and get answers within 48 hours
  • Talk to BizAmps Technical staff
  • Leadersofchange Membership benefits

B2B Consulting

$ 2499 .00

Per Year

  • 25 Phone Call Sessions
  • 1-hour session each
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Feedback
  • Phone Credits rollover
  • Leadersofchange membership
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Leaders of change Membership

1. Turn yourself from a vendor to a media show host.
2. Invite people you meet at networking events to your show aka LeadersOfChange
3. Invite dead leads/lost prospects to a podcast to reactivate them

*Limited time offer

  • Key Features

  • Recording Software Support
  • Homepage Feature
  • Publish on your LinkedIn
  • Access to LOCs Social Assets for Distribution (Youtube, iTunes, LinkedIn, etc)
  • official email id
  • Invite your contacts for the podcast

Akshat Kharbanda, Your partner in crime & CEO BizAmps Agency, Co-host of The Leaders of Change