₹9999 Hyper Growth Starter Package =
1. Workshop: How BizAmps generates 200+ B2B Leads/month (from Indian SMBs to U.S Fortune 500) & you can too
2. ₹10K Redeemable Credits
3. Limited Time Bonus: Social Lead Alert Service 30-Days

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PROACTIVE* GUARANTEE In 30 Days, If you applied the ideas & didn’t results? We will consult you + WE (BizAmps) WILL GENERATE 3 LEADS FOR YOU FOR FREE

*Proactive = In 30 Days, We will follow up with you via phone & email to see where you are getting stuck & help

Price: ₹9999 all-inclusive (GST, Fees, etc) – One-time
Venue: Video Conferencing – Meet/Zoom
Batch Size: Small (1-3+ CEOs/Founders)
Date: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 11.30 AM – 2.30 PM – See Agenda(link)

Workshop led by Akshat Kharbanda, Your partner in crime & CEO BizAmps Agency, Founder of The Leaders of Change

Who Workshop is NOT for:
1. Companies with less than ₹5Lakh of total client lifetime value
2. Freelancers, Solopreneurs , Junior Marketing Executives, SDRs, BDMs, etc
3. B2C-only or D2C companies

Why should you care?

(Akshat’s B2B Lead Gen Agency) BizAmps has been generating leads for its Indian & U.S clients in both very competitive & very weird industries (SaaS, Services, Training. etc).

We have to justify Return on Investment to each client after taking out our profit margins, admin costs, R&D, etc or we get fired.

Hence we can’t rely on theories & have to face the harsh realities of the market head-on & win!

Think we are full of B.S?
See our 3 easy tricks on B2B Lead Gen 👇

Workshop Package Contains:

Create your B2B Revenue Generation Engine

30-Day Social Lead Alert Service

Get Contact Details of People looking for your offering in your email Inbox every week for 30 Days

Get Personal Attention

Ask Unlimited Questions + Networking + Exclusive Content + Post Event Support

Still on the Fence?

Zero reasons to hesitate.

Your money is still under control even if the next wave of corona comes!

+Get ₹10K Credits

Bonus: After attending, Your Rs 10K will be credited towards any service/ event/ paid solution you buy from BizAmps before 2025

Not sure about dates?

A last-minute trip to Shimla?
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Basic: Client Acquisition
[Note: It’s simple but not easy!]

What I figured out while running BizAmps:

Starting from zero, Getting your first client

Zero budget, Zero employees, Zero Case Studies
using Digital Outreach (LinkedIn, Cold Emails, Calling, SMS, Direct Mail, etc)

Scaling from 1 Client to 10

The barebones team you can afford on a shoestring budget, especially during financial recessions to make sure you come out stronger

Winning in a competitive & undifferenced market

Do you provide custom services? Are there 10K companies doing the same thing, then this Workshop is a must for you!

How we generate 200+ B2B Enterprise leads

BizAmps works with Indian companies to generate U.S & Enterprise leads, At any given time we are working with 4-10 SaaS clients and generating 20 leads/month/client. See how we have structured everything

Advanced: Capital Creation using Lead Monetization

F*ck VC Funding for Growth

Margins are Marketing

Your team struggles to generate leads because they don’t have the budget to invest in LinkedIn Ads, because you are not monetizing leads at every level

Monetize bad leads for Capital

Okay, you got some leads that were the best fit, but there is mone there can be VERY EASILY be collected to invest back into the Biz

High CAC = Competitive Advantage

Your competitors spoil your market aka target audience. I will show you how to win in the red ocean and raise the CAC even higher for your competition.

Services & Products are bought differently.

Service providers need to show expertise & remove the risk.
Product companies need to demonstrate the ‘aha’ moment & guarantee success.
Learn how to market each.

Your Problems:

Side A. Your competitors are companies who have war-chest, vast sales teams, and deep pockets to spend on marketing.

Side B. You are competing against nimble marketing agencies that have information and expertise advantage.

Your 3 Ideas

You try to solve your problem by trying out these 3 ideas

Idea 1

You try to set bigger targets and do more outreach & calls

Idea 2

“I need intelligent salespeople on a tight budget”

Idea 3

“Let me find a person/ agency to do Lead generation”

Level 3: The Game of Selling

Move away from being a ‘low-cost provider’

Most Salespeople are just order-takers

Most Salespeople I meet, can’t generate demand for the product even after the prospect has shown interest in their offering.
Their primary way to sell is to ‘sell by price’

Pick up hints using Technology

Most Prospects drop hints when they are ‘in-market’ to make a decision, We need to train our salespeople on ‘How to identify triggers’ using 1st party Intent Data, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc

Nurtured lead is a future closed deal

A cold lead to a closed sale in 3-6 months is a rare event, It happens occasionally but most leads will convert after 6-12 months of being introduced to your offering. Nurturing them will raise the probability exponentially.
We will setup lifelong free nurturing systems in place.

Tracking Sales

From Google sheets to Hubspot to complex Zoho workflows implementations, we have done it all.

Level 4: Strategic Bets

Taking on Goliaths

How can you 2x clients in 6 months with 60 hours of effort?

Hint: Partnerships, Affiliations, Integrations, etc
Partnerships never seem like they are for us or they can work with our type of business. Want to bet?

Services & Products are bought differently.

Service providers need to show expertise & remove the risk.
Product companies need to demonstrate the ‘aha’ moment & guarantee success.
I work with you to remove everyone’s risk & guarantee success.

Double your Prices to Double your Sales

We give examples of iPhones & Apple but turn ourselves into Chinese ‘value’ brands aka low-cost providers.
How will you get the money to invest in R&D & Innovation?

Offer – Market fit development

Slights tweaks to your offer can increase your value (aka prices) and demand (aka conversion rate).
We Interview your prospects to understand what will they pay for? today!

Agenda aka Secrets & IP

  1. How BizAmps.com generates 200 B2B leads every month for its clients (Team structure, Software, Backend process)
  2. Difference in lead gen & conversion rate between India vs the Middle East vs Europe vs the U.S
  3. What Lead Gen agencies know that you don’t (The information advantage)
  4. The fastest way to your first client, first client via cold outbound, predictable revenue
  5. The fastest way to increase your Reply rates (Across the world India, U.S, etc)
  6. How to develop your marketing muscle.
  7. Workshop Outcome– Design your outreach strategy, The first hire, budget, timeline

Note: This is business strategy workshop for CEOs & founders not a tactical tutorial (which by the way is available free here – https://insights.bizamps.com/free-course-1st-lead-in-24-hours )
Limited Surprise Bonuses (like Free Done-for-you services for 30 days), only for early birds:

On-spot Guarantee: If you don’t get 3 practicable & actionable ideas that can generate new B2B clients comfortably & realistically, We will refund on the spot, no questions asked
Proactive Guarantee: In 30 Days, If you applied the ideas that we presented & they didn’t work for you, we will consult you + give you 2x money back.

*Proactive = In 30 Days, We will follow up with you via phone & email to see where you are getting stuck & help

Hyper Growth Package

Price: ₹9999

  • Batch of 1-3 CXOs
  • ₹10K BizAmps Credits
  • 30-Day Done-for-you Social Content Lead Alert Service
  • Ask Unlimited Questions

Venue: Google Meet/ Zoom
Date: Monday, 11.30AM – 2.30PM, 15th October 2022, Saturday

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